AFFILIATE MARKETING Gehören Affiliate-Netzwerke zum alten Eisen?

AFFILIATE MARKETING Gehören Affiliate-Netzwerke zum alten Eisen?
Haben Affiliate-Netzwerke ausgedient? Viele Performance-Marketing-Agenturen glauben das und sehen ihre Ansicht darin bestätigt, dass immer weniger Netzwerke den Markt bearbeiten. Sie seien für die Advertiser intransparent und ihre Kosten ließen sich …
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The Amount of Money Bloggers Make for 1 Instagram Will Make You Jealous AF
Add to that income from affiliate marketing — from which bloggers collect a fee every time they refer a customer to a retailer's or brand's site — personal appearances, and other corporate partnerships, including modeling contracts, collaborations …

4 Search Advertising Trends To Watch
While feeds were born long before Bing or Google shopping campaigns launched (through shopping aggregators, affiliate marketing and others), these products have continued to constitute themselves within search advertising and are paving the way for …
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